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Executive & Employee Workshops

Corporate Financial Education

Employees surveyed are very interested in having their employer provide programs to help them make decisions about their financial needs. Our Path of ConfidenceTM corporate curricula program has become an appealing option for many business owners, as an added corporate financial wellness benefit for their employees. We combine decades of collective experience to bring significant value to every level of an organization including leadership teams and individual employees. 

Integration Into Existing Benefits

We understand the need to vet any program or benefit you consider offering to your management and employees. Our pilot assessment program is structured to allow you and your leadership team to audition the educational workshop before a wider presentation to your company.

Speaking & Workshops

We are often called upon to offer strategies in a wide range of group settings: speaking before businesses, community event participation, and localized financial workshops. Contact us for availability and more information.

We believe education is the foundation of good planning. That is why we have taken decades of individual financial strategies and put them into a group curricula program.