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In addition to private consultations, Chau Lai founded a series of workshops, interactive classes, and roundtables—among them:

Information & Scheduling

These highly-focused workshops, interactive classes, roundtables—as well as lectures and conferences that address larger audiences—often include a cadre of experts in related and complementary fields. Together, these professionals offer a comprehensive view of a financial landscape tailored to meet the interests and concerns of specific groups and audiences.

To schedule a personal consultation with Chau Lai or to obtain information about Chau Q Lai events, please contact Kaitlyn Dobbin at:, or call (858) 550-9324.

Wealth Summit

Wealth Summit consists of a series of workshops that address financial issues and considerations, elucidate options, facilitate astute decisions, and coach attendees on how to have generative and meaningful financial conversations with family, business partners, and friends. The series:

  • Helps clients, their community of business associates, colleagues, friends, and family members understand financial principles, applications and practices
  • Engages participants in constructive conversations and exercises that highlights paths to the fulfillment of their financial ambitions
  • Equips attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to take an active role in the management of their personal wealth

Doctors’ Advisory Council

Doctors’ Advisory Council is composed of a team of healthcare-focused experts who collaborate to support the unique business, financial and legal concerns of the medical and dental community. Together, the team of professionals

To date, over 800 health care professionals have relied on Chau Lai and her team to provide the business and financial expertise needed to protect, manage and grow their professional and personal assets.

Women’s Financial Empowerment & Wellness

Women’s Financial Empowerment & Wellness is a four-part series of financial workshops designed to empower women by giving them the knowledge and tools needed to take an active role in the design and management of their personal wealth.

Because women have been taught from childhood to shy away from conversations about money, Chau Lai focuses on addressing the specific financial concerns and aspirations—as well as fears—of women with a portfolio of assets to nurture and protect.