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Becoming More Human

Becoming More Human with Chau Lai

My passion for finance stemmed at the University of California San Diego as an Economics Major. At the advice of my professors to “invest early,” I decided to pool my savings to invest half and the rest independently at the age of 17.

Real-world experiences and early childhood struggles taught me important lessons regarding building and preserving wealth. They inspired me to craft my own unique investing methodology and personally redefine the meaning of success. Here is how I help my clients find their true purpose for money and to redefine the meaning of success.

Tune in to hear:

– How to stay grounded in the present while making space for dreaming about future possibilities

– Some takeaways from someone who grew up with conflicting money scripts / parental examples

– Ways we can become self-aware of detrimental financial habits that we take for granted

– Should financial professionals be candid about their personal history and relationship to finance or might this hinder their ability to serve their clients’ interests?

– Are financial professionals trending towards a more holistic, personalized approach to wellness?

– Ways to compete with machine learning and AI.